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Land InSight
A Landscape Architectonic Exploration of Locus

Land InSight defines and unravels the Dutch landscapes. Landscapes are subject to change and can be conceived as stacks of horizontal layers that comes to lie on top of or next to one another in the course of time. This book does not distinguish between natural landscape, cultural landscape or urban landscape: the motorway landscape is treated in the same way as the sand ridge landscape.

Possible relations
On the basis of architectural examples – old and new, anonymous or built as architecture, plans or scale models – a range of possible relations between a building and its surroundings are demonstrated and analysed. The projects are mainly presented in terms of their landscape architecture quality.

Land InSight is intended to inspire designers and others who are interested in landscape to look at it anew and to establish relations between buildings or other artefacts and their locations.

This publication is part of the research portfolio of ‘Urban Landscape Architecture’ in the chair of Landscape Architecture at the faculty of Architecture in Delft, the Netherlands

SUN Publishers

author: Inge Bobbink, chair Landscape Architecture TU Delft
Suzanne Loen contributed on research, Landscape analysis, drawings